Inevitable Again?, Not So Much

In 2008, it was thought that Hillary Clinton had an air of inevitbility about her. That was to say that she was going to be the candidate for the nomintation for the democrats.

As of this point, March 21, 2015, the liberals ha basically made her every bit as inevitable as she was 2008.

The question is going to be:

Just which unknown will come up bite her in the ass?

With all her scandals swirling around her, there is a definite shot that the democrats will try to oust her and get someone with less controversy.

The two problems with Hillary are these:

  • The more Hillary talks the more ulikeable she becomes
  • She does not charisma, like her husband did, to be able to get away with lying

We will have to wait and see if what could happen, will happen.


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