Scalise: GOP Needs Conservative As Presidential Nominee


Louisiana congressman and House Whip Steve Scalise says the GOP needs a true conservative as the party’s next presidential nominee.

He’s told POLITICO “I’d argue we’ve had moderates nominated the last few times and they haven’t won.”

“Show me the last time a conservative has lost the presidency,” he told the political newspaper and website.  “I think if we have a strong conservative with a proven record, we’ll win the White House.”

Asked if he thinks former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is too moderate, Scalise told POLITCO “Jeb’s got some good things in his record, there are some things with his record that I disagree with.”

In an appearance Tuesday morning on NEW ORLEANS’ MORNING NEWS with Gerry V., Congressman John Fleming agreed with Scalise’s assessment.

“I think that we’ve learned time and time again that milk toast candidates, people who try to hit the middle of the road, just don’t energize the base.”

Fleming says the GOP nominee will need to successfully outline a vision for the future.

“I think that’s the problem that Republican candidates have had such as Romney. He really didn’t express a vision…give people hope for the future,” Fleming said.

One candidate who might, Fleming suggested, could be Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

“Not only has he shown a vision, but he’s actually executed on it,” Fleming said.

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