26 Economic Policy Reforms That Could Get Passed By Congress

By:  Darren Backst




There’s wide support for many economic policy reforms, despite the perception (and often the reality) that there’s partisan gridlock. Of course, getting anything passed through Congress is difficult, but some reforms have a much better chance of getting passed than other reforms. They are the “low-hanging fruit.”

Policy experts from Heritage’s Roe Institute have put together a list of 26 reforms into a new report entitled “Achievable Economic Policy Reforms for Congress.” As listed below, these domestic economic policy reforms cover a wide range of issue areas and many of them are ambitious in nature. Congress has a chance, often with bipartisan support, to pass these reforms that would help promote economic growth, empower individuals and reduce government waste.

The following should be a helpful checklist for Congress to identify those issues where they can make an immediate difference. To see more details about these reforms, please read the important new report.





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