Low Educated, Low Information

There are two different types of people that usually help to elect and reelect progressive, the low educated and the low informationed.

The lowly educated, in terms of a particular candidates policies and actions in getting those policies inacted and how those actions affect the city, county’parish, state, and national governments. The low educated people tend to not want to here about things such as a particular candidate spend twenty years in a church, under a racist, America hating pastor who teaches Liberation Theology. They aslo do not want to hear about this candidate’s starting his career in the home of an avowed terrorist who has said that he wished he could have committed more terroristic acts then he actually commited. The lowly educate refuse to hear about anther potential candidate’s lying about the murder of America’s governmental officials who were looking into gun running. This second candidate has also broken the law by having one e-mail for both government buisiness and personal business. She erased those e-mails even though they they would help America get to the bottom of a big political scandal.

The second group is the the low informationed. These are the people who go into the voting booth and for a number instead of voting for a person. They choose to no nothing about the candidtates or issues until election day.

Until we can do something about both groups, American will not get better.


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