No Surprises Here

We saw what happened when so-called First Lady Michele Obama made a speech at The TuskeGee University.

This speech confirms what we already know about Moochel and her husband, the alleged-President Barak Hussein Obama, that they are racists and like to fan the flames of racism.

The Obama’s have fan the flames ever since he was first going to run for the People’s office. Think about it, “the police acted supidly,” “Trayvon would be my son,” Micheal Brown, Eric Garner, and the dropping of the conviction of voter intimidation against the Black Panthers.

Everything that a potential aspiring criminal has done or would have done should not be overlooked in all situations. Both Martin and Brown were coming off of committing a crime. Eric Garner is a totally different situation. Garner was breaking a law of an overbearing government.

I have said this before, the more racism is alleged, the less the word has meaning.


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