Establishment’s Troubles?

It seems that everyone that the establishment republican’s candidates has their own problems.

Two of the main potential candidates are Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney.

On Monday, on the Hannity Show on the FOX Telvision network, Ann Coulter appeared. I agree with seventy-five percent of what she says but on this particular night she first said Mitt Romney will run and that he is the only one who can win.

Neither Bush nor Romney are the favorites of the Grass Roots or TEA Party. Bush has problems with his stances on Common Core and Immigration and those are the issues which he will be tarred on in the republican primary. Romney’s main problem is that as long as ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act is still in play, he will be tarred with RomneyCare.

Those things will happen because they need to be called on the carpet for those stances.


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