Does Jindal Deserve To Run For President?

There is no question in my mind that Bobby Jindal will run for the Office of the Presidency of the United States. The question is does he deserve the right.

This humble blogger has been saying, for a long time, that Jindal has been running for President since he first run for the governorship of Louisiana.

Anybody with the money can run but most people decide not to run because of the anal rectal exam which takes place to any person no matter which side of the isle they belong.

In my opinion they only real conservative thing which he has done is his school choice initiative. Of course, we see that the progressive demcrats and their willing accomplicies in the press and the unions have been against him on this issue. The biggest thing that they have done is to take the state to court on the issue because of money. They fear that parents no better how to educate their kids then does the state. When the money follow the child it takes funding away from the poor and underachieving schools and puts it in the hands of successful schools.

I don’t know that this one issue is enough to get him the nomination.


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