Liberal (Not Conservative) Legislature

The Louisiana legislature is still at it. What are they at? Well, they are passing tax hikes and bills which are not designed to do good for the people of Louisiana, but to make Bobby Jindal look good for his attempt to run for his next title, The President of the United States.

We here in Louisiana have not truly tried conservatism because even when the legeslature is not raising taxes they are increasing fees. A fee is supposed to be a one time expenditure but the legislature has seen to it that the fees are not one time expenditures but multi-time payments.

It should not surprise anyone that this legislature is doing this because it’s not really a conservative one it is filled with people who have switched political parties because about a decade ago there was a point when the Louisiana democratic party got decimated in terms of losing a series of elections. They lost elections from the dog catcher to U.S. House of Representatives. In the wake of those elections, there were a great number of politicians who saw the writing on the wall and switched partys.

It is safe to say that this current legislature is litter with former democrats who are still as liberal/progressive as they were when they were labeled correctly.


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