Lucha Underground

I have been a pro wrestling fan since I was 10.  That would make me a thirty-four year fan of the sport or as it is now called “sports entertainment.”

I do not remember being this excited about a wrestling federation, that includes Extreme Championship Wrestling.

This group I am talking about is Lucha Underground.

Ever since the debut, the product which has been put out but said company has been very different from what we have been from what the American wrestling fans are used to and also, since the beginning, has been well written and produced.

They have taken performers who were either underachievers or under utilized in other federations, and made them stars.  They have also taken performers who the American wrestling fans have never never heard of and made them stars, as well.

I may never get a chance to see the product in person, but, at this point, I do not think I care.


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