Is The Economy Roaring?

The so-called government of this currently failing nation wants the people whom the consider sheep, or should I say lemmings, to thing that everything is just hunkey-dorey an the economy is improving; when the facts of the matter have created a truth which states just the opposite.

Even though the job growth numbers are saying that the economy is growing, it is growing at a anemic pace. It should be growing at, at least a four percent pace but it is only at, at best, half of that.

There are definite policy reasons why it is not growing. Simply stated it is because there is a socialist democrat in the White House and enough of them in the congress to block any type of legislation which would improve the situation.

There are also enough Teddy Roosevelt/Dwight D. Eisenhower republicans which are doing the same as well.

We have a government which, at all levels, has sought to make the regular people who give power to said governments less well off the then previous generation.


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