Hijacking An Issue

For the longest time only democrats could be pro-choice and mean it because republicans did not care about women and had flat out declared a war on women.

I have just read a piece written by conservative columnist S.E. Cupp where she is talking about a bill whose sponsors are Kelly Ayotte and Cory Gardner. This bill would allow the drug companies to sell birth control as an over the counter drug.

According to Miss Cupp’s article, the first group which lined up against it was Planned Parenthood. It should not surprise that the people who have changed their tunes the most are all on the democratic side of the isle.

The name of the bill is the Safe and Effective Contraception Act.

Here is what some of the so called supporters of “women’s reproductive health rights” are saying:

“sham and an insult to women.” -Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood President.

“Cory Gardner can’t be trusted when it comes to Colorado women and their health care.” -Karen Middleton, NARAL, pro-choice Colorado.

Miss Cupp asked the question of why the about-face.

It is all about the issue. The progressives are all about the issue and not finding the solution to the issue.

Lord knows that I have not accused the republicans of be smart or actually wanting to win elections and weilding the power which comes from the winning of elections. They would probably not take my advice anyway but what they should do is make this an issue in both the Presidential and congressional elections.

Everyone knows that the progressives will try to bludgeon the republicans with not wanting women to have their birth control so, what the republicans should do is to bring up the fact that there was a bill (Safe and Effective Contraceptive Act) which was not killed by the republicans but was killed by the democrats.

After they have a big election year (winning the White House and expanding their majorities in both the house and senate) what they should do is to bring the bill up again for a vote and pass it, thus taking this particular issue off of the table forever.


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