Higher Minimum Wage, Death To Democrats

Let’s talk, again, about the minimum wage and how that there is a possibility that it destroys the democratic party.

Over the past several years, the democrats have gotten bolder in their vociferousness about the raising of the amount which one would receive for working at a minimum wage job.

It is obvious to anyone who has their eyes open that this is a prong in the multi-prong fork of greed that the unions are using to try to grow their ranks for them to make the union bosses even more rich than they are at this current point in time. It also feeds into the “Crime Incorporates” aspect of the democratic party which also exists.

Just for people who do not know, the minimum wage is what people get paid for doing entry level work. It has also been a big part of getting youngsters some job experience. The most important part of it is the fact that usually businesses who would traditionally employ minimum wage workers are the places where the poor and lower middle class would take the families to eat because one feed his or her family of four for less than fifty dollars.

I have said this before, going up on the minimum wage, means that the owners of said businesses will have to find the profit some place else. That other place is the raising of the price of the foods which are served in those resturants.

The raising of those prices are like hitting the people with an extra round of taxes.

I am going to say this knowing good, full, and well that the republicans, who are supposed to be for lower taxes, will go the other way, at the drop of a dime. One of the first things which should be proposed by the republican candidates for President of the United States is the repealing of the national minimum wage. It should be a states rights issue, if a state wants a high minimum wage, let that state have it. It should not be a thing which is forced on a state which does not want it.

In doing what I said in the last paragraph, what would happen is it would cause competition between the states as to wants a high minimum wage and who does not. It would also allow the businesses who survive on the poor and lower middle class to stay in business.

The higher the minimum wage, the less jobs there are for young people, the more unemployed people there are, and the worse the economy will be.


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