The Republicans And Power

In 2010 and 2012 the American people saw fit to give republicans majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate and in 2014, the American people also saw fit to give the republicans expanded majorities in the U.S. Congress.

There are several questions about the republican majorities which must be answered:

Q: Why are you not exercising the power which was given them?

Q: Why are the republicans so feckless?

Q: Why is it that the leadership could not be changed?

There are definite answers to said questions:

A: They fear what the inside the beltway media and democrats would say about them. For instance, if there should be a government shutdown, the republicans would get blamed and lose momentum. I say that in most most cases the government should be shut down. Republicans should not be afraid of shutting down the government.

A: On the fecklessness of the republicans, it can not be overstated that it is all about the fact of the types of leaders who lead the party. They are progressives and do not want to their access to the White House.

A: The leadership could not be changed because the progressive republicans understand that it would lessen their power. What they do not understand is that the regular folks are not as progressive as they think they are and do not want such things as ObamaCare and the IRS which brings with them a concentration of power which the constitution strictly seeks to limit.

I can for see a point in which the republicans have greatly expanded their numbers in the House and Senate which means a possible veto proof majority. The number I am thinking about, in the Senate, is 75, and in the House, the number is 260.

The problem for the republicans is if they do not do what the American people want, my predictions will not take place.


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