After Ryan Betrayal, Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation to Build the Wall!

By: Max McGuire

Paul Ryan’s betrayal is monumental. He voted for the Secure Fence Act in 2006 and even campaigned for Vice President on a promise to build the wall. But now that he has the power to finance it, and a President committed to signing it into law, he is too afraid to act. Paul Ryan will get his…

Ted Cruz, however, has stepped in and decided to lead where Paul Ryan has failed. Senator Cruz has introduced the El Chapo Act, a bill that would take money seized from drug cartels and funnel it towards the wall. It would first seize the billions held by El Chapo – who is currently awaiting trial in the United States – and then continue to use seized drug money to increase border security.

It is common sense, which is why the RINOs are trying to kill it before it gains any steam.

Just because Paul Ryan and the RINO-wing of the Republican Party got their way in the budget doesn’t mean we stop fighting. It doesn’t mean that we give up on securing our borders!

Don’t let Paul Ryan get away with this! Send your urgent message to Congress and FORCE them to pass Ted Cruz’s El Chapo Act and let Donald Trump to build the wall!

President Trump made a promise to the American people that Mexico would pay for the wall. This year, he asked for a billion to get the project started, with the goal of levying taxes and fines on Mexico later to pay the American people back.

Ted Cruz’s bill gives President Trump exactly what he needs up front, and then some.

There really is no reason to oppose it, which is why it is so telling that the establishment wings of both parties are so desperate to stop it.

If illegal aliens supported and voted for Republicans, the Democrats would build a border wall so tall you’d be able to see it from space. But that’s not the case. Illegal aliens support and, yes, vote for Democrats, so it is no surprise that the Democrats support open borders.

RINOs want to keep the border open because their campaigns are funded by the companies that benefit from a cheap illegal immigrant labor force.

To get the border wall built, we will need to fight both parties. Paul Ryan completely expects us to let-up. He expects us to just accept defeat and go back to blindly supporting his agenda.

He has another thing coming. We will never stop fighting for the border wall and I hope that you won’t either!

Join the fight and pressure Congress into passing the El Chapo Act!

You deserve better than Paul Ryan! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they pass Ted Cruz’s El Chapo Act and fund Donald Trump’s border wall!


One thought on “After Ryan Betrayal, Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation to Build the Wall!

  1. When you show us the money in cold hard cash, when the GAO tells the American public that there is indeed all that money, millions of dollars. billions in fact, we’ve heard. Proof that money even exists, I would like to introduce a Bill into Congress that would support these items:

    Firstly: Set aside funds (a lot of funds) to compensate all those harmed by El Chappo’s deeds. Police, Border Patrol, families. You get the idea.

    Second: Every single veteran must have better hospitals. Modern hospitals. Those places are a rotten mess. Use some of that El Chappo dinero to FIX THAT MESS. Those men and women deserve EVERYTHING that the government has to offer, because they gave their everything to this country for all you fat cats just as much as for the public at large and YOU have the power to do the right thing Class act doctors. The best mental health and pharmaceuticals that money can buy. And no veteran should ever be homeless. EVER. Build housing. It can be done. And at not at great expense with communities volunteering (check Oakland CA to name one).

    Third: Find a different way to secure borders…I remember seeing the Berlin Wall on the news as a young child. Don’t you? I would suspect many of you perhaps have seen that horrible divider in person. So no. No wall. Figure it out. It cannot be that hard. I don’t know what the answer is, but that’s why you all get the big bucks. Add more Border Patrol agents. Hire Mexicans in Mexico, they aren’t all Banditos. Pay better salaries to these brave and hard working people. Better vetting all the way around. Whatever it takes, but no wall.

    Fourth: Don’t forget our planet. No. You all need to get your heads out your ass and listen to the scientists. And pay attention. Protect our air, protect our water, invest in sustainable energy. Save this planet, please.


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