It’s Not Just the National Media Exposing Themselves as Left-Wing Partisans

By: Brad Slager

It's Not Just the National Media Exposing Themselves as Left-Wing Partisans

In my daily column covering the malfeasance in the media, one of the ways I strive to show how the press is a problematic entity is by displaying how widespread the problem has become. Yes, we all know of the actions and behavior of the biased cable news networks, and those need to be pointed out. The same goes for the major newspapers and other national outlets. But I also make an effort to pull up examples from state and local areas to display the breadth and scope of the methods and tactics the press uses. 

It was with this in mind that I invited Tom Lauder, operator of the website RedBroward. Tom covers local politics in the decided blue area that is Broward County as well as statewide issues. With that basis, I wanted to speak with Tom as a fellow Florida journalist to discuss how the press in our state operates with a deeply biased approach to Governor Ron DeSantis and, in the process, delivers very slanted coverage.

It is clear that the governor is seen as a national figure on the rise and deemed a political threat. The state and local media have not hidden their animosity, and Tom and I talk about how the Miami Herald and other papers are exposing themselves as being just as partisan as the national outlets, as well as the battles he faces working on the local level against these same outlets.

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