SADOW: It’s A Good Bill, And It Ought To Pass

By:  Jeff Sadow       HB 707 importantly protects religious freedom in Louisiana and deserves swift passage, in spite of the mindless demagoguery already regurgitating against it. The bill, by state Rep. Mike Johnson, would prevent the state from taking punitive actions against individuals and non-public corporations in the conduct of business who refused…

New York Cardinal Dolan: ISIS A ‘Coordinated Effort’ To Stamp Out Christianity

By:  Jennifer Van Laar       In an op-ed in the New York Post, Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrote emotionally and forcefully about the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS. Unlike political leaders, who haven’t referred to the victims as Christian, Dolan mentions specific religions: These attacks threaten civilization itself. No denying it: There…

When Paul Became Muhammad

When I was growing up in South Central Los Angeles “Paul” was one of my closest friends. In grade school and junior high, he and I spent countless hours together. He helped me become a slightly better athlete, and I helped him with math and biology. But when I returned home from college, Paul had become “Muhammad.”

But pre-Muhammad, Paul starred on the high school basketball, baseball and football teams. As the basketball team’s starting point guard, he was a prolific scorer and a tenacious defender, a combination college recruiters drool over. Big basketball power schools — UCLA, Notre Dame, Marquette and others — scouted him. Paul talked incessantly about the destiny to which he felt entitled … the NBA, the money and the glamour.